Monday, 5 December 2011

Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

A fall wedding is the right chance for serving a cake that has a unique flair. The unique touches, color, and personality of the decorations of the cake can pay tribute to the crisp weather and turning leaves.

Inspiration for Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

The various flowers and colors of fall serve as an inspiration for the cake ideas. The following colors are made a part of the cake.

  • Deep pink
  • Burnt orange
  • Yellow
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Marigold
Frost the cake in these colors. Another method is that the cake must be frosted in white or off-white with seasonal colored icing decorations. The above colors should be included not only in the icing design, but also in the floral accents. Some fall flowers like sunflowers or amaryllis can be included in the cake topper or the design. The leaves of oak or maple can be included in the fondant and scattered across a frosting base.
Fall is the season when harvesting is done. So, the cake topper can comprise of wheat grass. A plentiful fruit in fall is marzipan or sugar apples.

Themes for Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

Some of the famous themes are as follows.
  • White chocolate: In fall, chocolate cakes are perfect, but white chocolate is the best. For a truly exquisite autumn confection, go for a white chocolate icing and delicate pale yellow decoration
  • Harvest fruits: If a harvest theme is used in the wedding, then a harvest cake with all the fruits and vegetables of the season like berries, nuts, acorns, apples, gourds, squashes, and pumpkins is prepared. This cake can be of chocolate, marzipan, icing, sugar or specially designed plastic cake toppers
  • Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns: In case of fall weddings, pumpkins are the perennial favorite. They add spice and seasonal color to any fall cake. The cakes are made of orange icing, sugar confections, marzipan, or plastic cake toppers
  • Autumn leaves: These leaves can be in shades of gold, orange, and red. There could also be branches in dark chocolate. These leaves and branches look the best when there is a background of buttercream icing or velvety white chocolate
Recommended photo designs
The cake topper should have a photo. Some ideas have been explained below.
  • Combine photos, of the bride as well as the groom as children, using a photo editing program
  • Capture some playful and fun scenes in a photo. Some scenes are as follows
    • Tossing leaves in the air
    • Playing in the fall leaves
    • Rolling in the hay
    • Lugging pumpkins around
  • Imbibe the spirit of an old fashioned photo booth. So, make faces at the camera and capture these in a photograph
Let us consider some ideas for fall cakes.
  • An almond lemon cake with lemon frosting and filling
  • A spice cake with blackberry filling and cream cheese frosting
  • A pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting


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