Friday, 27 January 2012

Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas

Your wedding is around the corner and you are quite confused with the cost management. Almost everyone faces such a situation, prior to their wedding. You would obviously be thinking about various ways to cut the cost, but have you spared a thought to the wedding invitations. Now don’t think that if you arrange for a cheap option you will end up sending low grade invitations to all. Go through the tips below and you will surely like at least one of the cheap wedding invitation ideas mentioned. 

•    Don’t Go to a Card Stationary Shop

Ideally one goes to stationary stores to buy wedding invitation cards, but these are certainly not the only place to find the same.  Think of various other places for getting these invitation cards and you will find ample options before you. I would suggest that you visit office supply stores, Costco, ware house stores, mail order catalogs and even the internet for getting unique wedding invitation ideas. You will get a wide variety of invitation cards and that too at a much discounted rate. I would suggest you to check a sample; for the quality before you place an order in bulk.

•    Two In One Purpose

It’s your wedding and you have every right to personalize it the way you want. So forget about the traditional ways of sending the wedding invitation, it’s time you started something new. Combine your wedding favor and wedding invitation in one package. I will tell you how to do it, put a variety of confectioneries in a small basket, wrap it beautifully and tie a bow; now stick a small note to the basket mentioning name of invitees and send it to them before the wedding. By doing this you are saved from spending individually on invitations and favors. Using homemade cookies instead of buying confectionery will further reduce the cost and add a special touch to the invitation, all at the same time!

•    Send Invitation via the Internet

Guys it’s 21st century, do you still resist to use the internet? Of course not! Send your wedding invitations through mail to all your invitees. There is no shortage of e-wedding invitation cards on the internet and you can select one from them. You can also select more than one design from the same. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the best deal you can manage from the internet and invite your friends.

Not many people bother to budget their spending before planning for  wedding. Cheap wedding invitation ideas can indeed be of great help if you know how to judiciously use your finances while planning for the most important day of your life.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cheap Wedding Planning

Marriage is a life time event but that does not mean that you have to go bankrupt by spending a huge amount on wedding decorations and arrangements. We have mentioned some cheap wedding ideas that will help you plan your dream day as well as save your money.
  • Save Money on Sending Postage
You don’t have to send a separate save-the-date card to each of your guests as you have already sent wedding invitations to them. You can send a common mail to all your invitees instead of sending the save-the-date card. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Cheap Wedding Favors
In every wedding, the newly married couple gives favors/gifts to their invitees. This is one place where you can save lots of money. There are various cheap wedding gifts ideas available online, from which you can select one. You can make some home-made cookies and keep them in nicely decorated small baskets. Gift one such basket to your each guest. If you are good handicraft or origami then make small decors and tie a personal thank you note to each one of the decor. It will personalize your gesture without burning a hole in the pocket. If you believe in futuristic thinking, you may use the festive seasons like Christmas or Easter to decide on wedding gifts and favors. If you buy them in bulk during the festive season, you will save a huge amount on these favors.
  • Wedding Venue
Keep the wedding venue simple and sober. There are various easy centerpiece ideas which you can make by yourself, so you need not buy them from stores. Do not spend too much on flowers and other decors. You can buy the decorations from charity stores and save money on wedding venue decoration.
  • Wedding Dress
Brides spend a lot on wedding dress but if you intend to save money then you can buy a second hand wedding dress. After the wedding is over the wedding gown is of no use, so buying a second hand dress is always a better idea. You can buy the dress online or from any second hand dress store. 
There are various other ways by which you can save money on the wedding. You can make a list of them and analyze how you can save money on each aspect.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

A fall wedding is the right chance for serving a cake that has a unique flair. The unique touches, color, and personality of the decorations of the cake can pay tribute to the crisp weather and turning leaves.

Inspiration for Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

The various flowers and colors of fall serve as an inspiration for the cake ideas. The following colors are made a part of the cake.

  • Deep pink
  • Burnt orange
  • Yellow
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Marigold
Frost the cake in these colors. Another method is that the cake must be frosted in white or off-white with seasonal colored icing decorations. The above colors should be included not only in the icing design, but also in the floral accents. Some fall flowers like sunflowers or amaryllis can be included in the cake topper or the design. The leaves of oak or maple can be included in the fondant and scattered across a frosting base.
Fall is the season when harvesting is done. So, the cake topper can comprise of wheat grass. A plentiful fruit in fall is marzipan or sugar apples.

Themes for Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

Some of the famous themes are as follows.
  • White chocolate: In fall, chocolate cakes are perfect, but white chocolate is the best. For a truly exquisite autumn confection, go for a white chocolate icing and delicate pale yellow decoration
  • Harvest fruits: If a harvest theme is used in the wedding, then a harvest cake with all the fruits and vegetables of the season like berries, nuts, acorns, apples, gourds, squashes, and pumpkins is prepared. This cake can be of chocolate, marzipan, icing, sugar or specially designed plastic cake toppers
  • Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns: In case of fall weddings, pumpkins are the perennial favorite. They add spice and seasonal color to any fall cake. The cakes are made of orange icing, sugar confections, marzipan, or plastic cake toppers
  • Autumn leaves: These leaves can be in shades of gold, orange, and red. There could also be branches in dark chocolate. These leaves and branches look the best when there is a background of buttercream icing or velvety white chocolate
Recommended photo designs
The cake topper should have a photo. Some ideas have been explained below.
  • Combine photos, of the bride as well as the groom as children, using a photo editing program
  • Capture some playful and fun scenes in a photo. Some scenes are as follows
    • Tossing leaves in the air
    • Playing in the fall leaves
    • Rolling in the hay
    • Lugging pumpkins around
  • Imbibe the spirit of an old fashioned photo booth. So, make faces at the camera and capture these in a photograph
Let us consider some ideas for fall cakes.
  • An almond lemon cake with lemon frosting and filling
  • A spice cake with blackberry filling and cream cheese frosting
  • A pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

Monday, 28 November 2011

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

The fall wedding favors extend the warmth of the season to the tables of the guests. In a wedding, try to echo the colors of fall in all aspects like the candles or the soaps or the card holders. The fall wedding favor ideas can bring fall's colors alive in the wedding. The textures range from gold satin to raffia. The colors can be deep chocolate brown or royal red or burnt orange.

Very famous Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Fall Leaves Favor Kit

  • This kit consists of the following
    • Fifty ivory boxes
    • Orange ribbons
    • Punch-out leaf tags: These tags are in various colors like yellow, ruby, and yellow
  • These leaves are not printable and hence you must hand write them
  • Present this favor box with a bright orange bow and a leaf tag
Fall Leaf Wine Bottle Stoppers
  • Every bottle stopper is packed in a gift box. This box has a matching bow and 'thank you' tag
  • The bottle stopper has a copper hue
  • The dimensions of the wine stoppers are as follows: 4.25 inch X 0.75 inch X 0.75 inch
Sunflower Field Personalized Mint Tins
  • The dimensions of the mint tins are as follows: 2.25 inch X 1.25 inch X 0.5 inch. They are of the size of a palm
  • Each tin has a customized label on which you can write your names and the wedding date
  • These tins comprise of heart-shaped and delectable peppermints
Maple Syrup Favors
  • Maple Syrup is a perfect condiment for a country breakfast
  • It is a favorite food due to complex favors, perfect consistency, and warm amber color
  • In the market, find leaf-shaped and clear glass containers that exhibit the color and clarity of the syrup
  • Tie a personalized ribbon around the neck of the container or attach a hang tag to the container
Very exorbitant Fall Wedding Favor Ideas
Personalized Fall Leaves
  • These leaves have a height of 1.75 inches and width of 2.25 inches
  • Select gold, silver, or white colored leaves for an impressive contrast
  • Print your first names, the wedding date, and your monogram on these fall leaves. Select some out of 19 available colors for this printing
Dipping Delight Personalized Olive Oil
  • The dimensions of the oil bottle are as follows: 1.25 inch X 1.25 inch X 5.25 inch
  • Generally, this is a 2 oz glass bottle with red shrink wrap on top
  • Personalize this bottle with the wedding date and your names on the label
  • Select one out of the following two flavors
    • Vinaigrette or Kalamata Olive Oil
    • Balsoli Dipping Oil
Crystal Apple

  • This is manufactured from lead free crystal
  • It is an enticing paperweight
  • It can be personalized with a thought-provoking message like 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'
Autumn Splendor Flutes
  • These flutes come in a set of two. Each has a height of 9 1/8 inches
  • On each glass, a real oak leaf is attached. This leaf is tied with a 0.25 inch sage ribbon

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Winter wedding Dresses-Cheap and Best

Wedding is the most important day for a bride. Every bride wants to look marvelous on the most special day of her life. It has to be the best and there is no compromise on it. Winter wedding is fast becoming the trend as it has the mood and fervor of the festivities as well related to it. A bride has to be extra careful about what she is going to wear for her wedding during winters.

Usually winter wedding dresses should be chosen keeping in mind a few important facts as well. For example, the biting cold may not allow you to wear off the shoulder gowns or sleeveless gowns. You may be freezing by the time your wedding ceremony gets over. So, it is important to get your wedding planning ideas right from the very beginning.

Some Ideas for Cheap & Best Winter Wedding Dresses

You can first look into bridal magazines, catalogues, or internet for various options available in winter wedding dresses. You can order for a designer dress or a buy a simple wedding gown and personalize it to suit your wedding theme. But firstly make sure that your wedding dress is apt for the season and you feel very much comfortable in it.

Long sleeved wedding gowns are always in fashion, if you want you can opt for netted sleeves that would be trendy as well as protect you from cold. Embellished-illusion sleeves are also preferred nowadays by brides and they can be detached from the gown as well.

The best way to make a fashion statement with your simple white wedding dress is to pair it up with lace boleros and colorful jackets. But make sure that color of the jacket is something that gels well with the d├ęcor and theme of your wedding. If yours is a Christmas wedding then red jacket will look wonderful with your simple white wedding dress.

Wedding gowns with a single large white bow make the perfect style statement and you be sure that your wedding guests can’t stop praising your taste and fashion sense. You can make your cheap wedding dress the best and most talked about among your friends and guests.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Outdoor Wedding Venues

It will be an interesting idea to select outdoor wedding venues for the most celebrated day of your life. You will have exciting stories to tell your kids and to your grand kids. Getting married outdoor in the arms of nature is a cool idea. When the weather is pleasant you can enjoy the weather and say "I do" in such a wonderful location. It will really be an experience to remember. There are certain things which you must consider before you go for outdoor wedding venues, here are some of them:

Factors To Choose For Outdoor Wedding Venues 

The weather 

The weather is the most important thing to consider for selecting any outdoor wedding location. The time of the year will decide what the weather will be on that day. If it is pleasant during the morning and evening and hot during the afternoon then you must get married during the appropriate time of the day. You must always have a backup plan when you select an outdoor wedding location. Incase if it rains or the sun becomes too harsh you will surely not like your guests to get irritated with your arrangements.

The number of guest 

The number of guest coming to your wedding will be another important thing to consider. You many have selected your backyard for organizing the wedding and the reception but if the place is small then it will become quite congested. The guests will have problem in walking and there will a commotion. So first decide how many people you want to invite and then book the place. You can take help of your family and friends in case they have better ideas for the same.


Some time it may so happen that you might have selected a wonderful location but the local authorities have not given permission to hold a social event there. Take the permission of the local authorities over there and after you have finished all the formalities then only make the necessary arrangements. Keep many such places in option and then go for the one which is easy for you as well as for your budget.

The ceremony 

Your priest may refuse to conduct the wedding in an outdoor location. You can either find a liberal priest or get married in a church and then later carry on with the outdoor location for the reception.

Price comparison 

Make a good price comparison before you book the outdoor wedding location. Some places are available on rent but you may have to pay a good amount for that. Instead you can go for some local garden or a lake side wedding to save the cost. You can go through various websites to know the local place at your area and then select the best. Be careful of insects and other such factors when you select an outdoor wedding location. Some places are known for snakes' and other insects which are fatal to human.

You must select outdoor wedding venues which will be comfortable to organize a happy event like a wedding.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

The wedding reception is a costly affair. One is on the lookout of wedding reception decorating ideas that would result in a beautiful scene. Moreover, these ideas must be economical. No one likes tables that appear half dressed and/or cheap. These decoration ideas are always inclusive of flowers. Hence, it is advisable to place bouquets on the tables. It is also a better suggestion to use the bride's, the bridesmaid's and the maid of honor's bouquet rather than purchasing additional flowers.

 Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Glass Pyramids

  • Arrange glasses in the form of a pyramid. During the reception, pour toasting bubbles in it
  • Ensure the pyramid will work finely when sparkling wine or champagne is poured in it. For this, experiment beforehand what happens when water is poured
  • This idea is a cheap alternative to an ice sculpture or chocolate fountain
  • This is a rather affluent method of decorating the venue
Pretty Fairy Lights
  • Usually, all purchase some packets of fairy lights for Christmas. These can be used in a wedding reception
  • These lights result in a beautiful addition to the venue
  • One method is to use tin cans for preparing lanterns. This is done as follows
    • Use a hammer to punch a nail through the can
    • Drop a tealight or candle and place the can
    • If you desire to hang the can, make two holes at the top edge and use wire as a handle
  • Another method is to use jam jars. This is done as follows
    • In order to create a handle, wind some wire around the rim
    • Place a candle and hang the jam jar on a tree or in the garden
  • This is a very economical method of decorating the venue
  • It is advisable to buy 100 candles or tealights from the superstores
  • This results in a romantic and delicate lighting
  • This is an efficient method if one wishes to decorate the reception very cheaply
  • Balloons are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. Some of these are metallic and pearlescent
Tips regarding Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas
  • It is always nice to have plenty of lighting during the reception. For this, Christmas lights and rope lights come in handy. They can be purchased at a reasonable price and they enhance the elegance of the occasion
  • Some people use artificial flowers or fruits for decoration. If one aims that these flowers and fruits should remain underwater, then follow this process

    • Pour water in the vase till it is completely filled
    • Wedge the flowers and fruits against the vase
    • Some people choose whole or cut lemons
  • Another decoration idea is the use of pictures. Some of the methods are as follows

    • Pictures of the parents of the couple that have been shot on the wedding day of the parents
    • Pictures of the bride being close to the wedding cake
    • A huge picture of the bride and the groom must be placed at a distinct spot on the venue like the entrance