Friday, 29 July 2011

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

Cheap wedding planning or a cost effective wedding can be quite a task, although it is possible to have a wedding of your dreams if you your plan your budget well. If you look at the average cost of any modern wedding it is nothing less than $20000. However, if you plan well you can have a decent wedding in about $2000-$5000.
It is not at all a good idea to first have a lavish wedding and then go bankrupt. Instead, you would be happier, stress free and would always remember your wedding if you plan a budget that spares your savings. Marriage is not the only aspect of your life you need to splurge on. In fact, there are many more important aspects of your life throughout your married life where you would have to spend money.
You first need to finalize on your budget, for e.g. $3000 and stick to it. Spend nothing more than that. You can buy your dress at a local department store or borrow your Mother’s or your Grandmother’s gown. Apart from saving your money, this would also make them feel good.
Invite selected friends, colleagues, relatives and of course family members. Do not overemphasize your guest list. You can buy flowers and make the bouquets with the help of some friend’s suggestion who are creative and imagining.
Ask your grandmother or any other close family member to bake a cake. Why do you need a 3-4 tiered cake? You can always go for favorite cake or the one you enjoyed eating together.
You only need to book a hall, order food and buy some gifts within your budget. Surely, you can manage that in this budget.
Once you are sure the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, then a lavish wedding is trivial. The key is that both of you should be happy and together for a lifetime.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and five pence in your shoe. If you literally go by the meaning of this age old Victorian saying, then you can surely have a cheap wedding budget that you would cherish all your life.


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