Monday, 7 November 2011

Outdoor Wedding Venues

It will be an interesting idea to select outdoor wedding venues for the most celebrated day of your life. You will have exciting stories to tell your kids and to your grand kids. Getting married outdoor in the arms of nature is a cool idea. When the weather is pleasant you can enjoy the weather and say "I do" in such a wonderful location. It will really be an experience to remember. There are certain things which you must consider before you go for outdoor wedding venues, here are some of them:

Factors To Choose For Outdoor Wedding Venues 

The weather 

The weather is the most important thing to consider for selecting any outdoor wedding location. The time of the year will decide what the weather will be on that day. If it is pleasant during the morning and evening and hot during the afternoon then you must get married during the appropriate time of the day. You must always have a backup plan when you select an outdoor wedding location. Incase if it rains or the sun becomes too harsh you will surely not like your guests to get irritated with your arrangements.

The number of guest 

The number of guest coming to your wedding will be another important thing to consider. You many have selected your backyard for organizing the wedding and the reception but if the place is small then it will become quite congested. The guests will have problem in walking and there will a commotion. So first decide how many people you want to invite and then book the place. You can take help of your family and friends in case they have better ideas for the same.


Some time it may so happen that you might have selected a wonderful location but the local authorities have not given permission to hold a social event there. Take the permission of the local authorities over there and after you have finished all the formalities then only make the necessary arrangements. Keep many such places in option and then go for the one which is easy for you as well as for your budget.

The ceremony 

Your priest may refuse to conduct the wedding in an outdoor location. You can either find a liberal priest or get married in a church and then later carry on with the outdoor location for the reception.

Price comparison 

Make a good price comparison before you book the outdoor wedding location. Some places are available on rent but you may have to pay a good amount for that. Instead you can go for some local garden or a lake side wedding to save the cost. You can go through various websites to know the local place at your area and then select the best. Be careful of insects and other such factors when you select an outdoor wedding location. Some places are known for snakes' and other insects which are fatal to human.

You must select outdoor wedding venues which will be comfortable to organize a happy event like a wedding.


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