Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

The wedding reception is a costly affair. One is on the lookout of wedding reception decorating ideas that would result in a beautiful scene. Moreover, these ideas must be economical. No one likes tables that appear half dressed and/or cheap. These decoration ideas are always inclusive of flowers. Hence, it is advisable to place bouquets on the tables. It is also a better suggestion to use the bride's, the bridesmaid's and the maid of honor's bouquet rather than purchasing additional flowers.

 Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Glass Pyramids

  • Arrange glasses in the form of a pyramid. During the reception, pour toasting bubbles in it
  • Ensure the pyramid will work finely when sparkling wine or champagne is poured in it. For this, experiment beforehand what happens when water is poured
  • This idea is a cheap alternative to an ice sculpture or chocolate fountain
  • This is a rather affluent method of decorating the venue
Pretty Fairy Lights
  • Usually, all purchase some packets of fairy lights for Christmas. These can be used in a wedding reception
  • These lights result in a beautiful addition to the venue
  • One method is to use tin cans for preparing lanterns. This is done as follows
    • Use a hammer to punch a nail through the can
    • Drop a tealight or candle and place the can
    • If you desire to hang the can, make two holes at the top edge and use wire as a handle
  • Another method is to use jam jars. This is done as follows
    • In order to create a handle, wind some wire around the rim
    • Place a candle and hang the jam jar on a tree or in the garden
  • This is a very economical method of decorating the venue
  • It is advisable to buy 100 candles or tealights from the superstores
  • This results in a romantic and delicate lighting
  • This is an efficient method if one wishes to decorate the reception very cheaply
  • Balloons are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. Some of these are metallic and pearlescent
Tips regarding Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas
  • It is always nice to have plenty of lighting during the reception. For this, Christmas lights and rope lights come in handy. They can be purchased at a reasonable price and they enhance the elegance of the occasion
  • Some people use artificial flowers or fruits for decoration. If one aims that these flowers and fruits should remain underwater, then follow this process

    • Pour water in the vase till it is completely filled
    • Wedge the flowers and fruits against the vase
    • Some people choose whole or cut lemons
  • Another decoration idea is the use of pictures. Some of the methods are as follows

    • Pictures of the parents of the couple that have been shot on the wedding day of the parents
    • Pictures of the bride being close to the wedding cake
    • A huge picture of the bride and the groom must be placed at a distinct spot on the venue like the entrance


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